Dean James Ripley, CFP®, ChFC®, CASL®, RICP®, CLU®

Wealth Management Advisor

Our Objective

We are willing and eager to take total responsibility for our clients' complete financial security planning. In order to fulfill this obligation, we have to have deep and personal relationships with our clients. Our goal is to provide the highest level of competence and quality in the work we do, and we must make certain to be in contact with our clients on a frequency that is ideally suited to their individual service expectations and planning needs. We use a highly individualized and exceptionally detailed planning process based on in-depth fact finding, prepared with the best technology and tools currently available in the industry. Our clients have to be our partners in this process for it to be successful. The asset management we provide is the engine for our economic arrangement.

Stated simply, our goal is to help our clients make informed decisions that feel right.

Plan Now For Your Future

Financial success doesn't happen by chance. It has much more to do with choice. Transforming aspirations into actuality takes acumen, hard work, discipline and strategic financial planning.

Most people have access to various tools to try to manage their financial lives. What most people lack is the time, knowledge and wisdom to use those tools unemotionally to their maximum efficiency.

When it’s a matter of planning for the future, realizing the need to take greater control over your financial life is the first step. Choosing someone who has the ability and resources to best address those needs is the next. That's where Dean comes in.

Dean's goal is to help clients make informed decisions that feel right. He uses a disciplined personal planning analysis to minimize the possibility that fear, greed, or uncertainty will cause a client to make poor decisions.

With over 15 years of experience helping people, Dean Ripley strongly believes that he can bring a unique perspective and experience to his clients´ lives. It is his endeavor to bring only the highest quality products and services to clients, by basing any recommendations exclusively on each client's goals and objectives.

Let Dean help you ensure your financial future is all you want it to be.

As a fee-based financial planner, I am compensated for the time and expertise put into designing and creating your personal financial plan. Under this fee structure, I have a responsibility to ensure your interests and goals are always put first.


Dean Ripley's Mission Statement

To provide technical knowledge and personable wisdom so my clients can assert and maintain control of their financial lives, and experience the peace of mind of being more prepared for all of life’s uncertainties. 


Our Strength is Your Strength

For more than 160 years, we’ve been there for people when they need us most, through all economic conditions. We’re pleased to announce that 2017 was another strong year. Read more.

If you live for it, we’ll help you plan for it.

See what our version of financial planning looks like.

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Good News for Our Clients

In 2018, we expect to again lead the industry in total dividends paid to our clients. Read more.


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